Nice update today..

Live forum:


07-02-2005 12:22:33

I'm up to 12 greens. I seem to be getting credited in groups of 3. Keep it coming, OC )


07-02-2005 13:30:08

i emailed them yesterday and got a reply form them today to prove i did the offer, they requested a copy of the receipt

i took a screenshot of my past orders on and sent it to them

you should be getting my green soon i think


07-02-2005 13:35:39

Awesome.. because none of the greens I got today were in my list of people that I knew did offers - most of which have been waiting over a week for credit.

The end is near D


08-02-2005 07:11:41

i got credit now
go check if YOU got credit as well 8)


08-02-2005 07:24:02

Yessir I certainly did.. I hit the lucky 13 last night. I got 3 during the day, then they gave me credit for you in the evening.

Only 5 to go!