Anyone pending/sent to vendor/shipped?

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06-02-2005 20:26:51

Hey guys, has anyone gotten to the next stages of this process? If so, how long did it take you to get there?


07-02-2005 12:16:46

so has nobody gotten 18 referrals completed?


07-02-2005 12:21:56

I'm guessing not, since nobody answered


07-02-2005 12:34:10

my friend had 20 and they canceled 5 including mine so he is emailing them why. I know i did nothing wroong so i also want to see why


07-02-2005 13:03:32

let us know when your buddy hears a reply


07-02-2005 14:57:34

i will


08-02-2005 00:14:02

same thing happened to me....i had 18 and they shot down 4 <

so i didint bitch, and im in the process of getting 4 more....ill post results


10-02-2005 02:36:20

my status = Order Placed

and when i checked my of my new 4 replacement signups was also rejected...but they still let me order. either theu fucked up....or they took some pity on my account...since i had already had 4 people fuck me over.