problem w/ travelers offer? not accepting info....

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05-02-2005 21:08:04

my friend is filling out the offer, and it's telling her to correct her info, but she doesn't see a problem.

i also had a problem, but it b/c i had put a number symbol. any ideas?


09-02-2005 14:34:47

Is there a box that she has to check indicating she agrees to their terms, etc? That may be a problem. If you can't figure out the problem email OC and let them know what's going on. good luck


09-02-2005 15:08:05

me too, the credit card expiration date only lets you selec the month OR the year, so it rejects it.


09-02-2005 16:50:18

Use IE. It lets you accept it there, but it doesn't work in FireFox.


10-02-2005 18:47:21

My friend got the same problem.
Used IE and submit correct info.
But it didn't go through, it asking for complete and accurate information.


10-02-2005 18:48:54

Doesn't work with webcerts or debit cards.


11-02-2005 23:03:36

yea man i tried that with a vaild CC and all info was correct and i got that error too. i heard that it doesnt accept california residents or something like that.

thomas moore

11-02-2005 23:08:34

[quote0c3e51bc37="easportsea"]yea man i tried that with a valid CC and all info was correct and i got that error too. i heard that it doesn't accept California residents or something like that.[/quote0c3e51bc37]

yeah no California residents, i was denied.That could be the reason, but i know alot of people had been getting that error, definitely contact CS and let them know the error is occurring.