Are there any sites like Giftmonkey?

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17-03-2007 10:05:59

I just wanted to know if there are any other sites like Giftmonkey, where you can hire other people to do points, but you don't have to complete any offers for yourself to start up?

Big War Bird

18-03-2007 05:51:25

Primo Dinero if you sign up to one of its site unreferred to get an extra green in the place of its own. Simply open up a support ticket at tell then you want to get an extra green in place of your. They will make a note your account. I have done this once without a hitch.



21-03-2007 23:01:45

Most sites will allow you to do this...


24-03-2007 02:44:05

I think giftmonkey is the only site that allows for refs to earn you an unlimited amount of points.