Shipped and tracking info finally!

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03-02-2005 08:40:08, your H320 MP3 Player w/ 20GB Hard Drive has been shipped! Please allow 10 business days for delivery.
Shipping 1Zxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Tracking # $327.17

In order to protect the privacy of our company and its employees,
please take note of the following

DO NOT post any company information.
This includes shipping, billing, and/or credit card information.

DO NOT scan and post packing slip information.

Please understand our privacy is important and we reserve the right to enforce this accordingly.

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03-02-2005 09:52:25



03-02-2005 09:57:02

My tracking number doesn't work on


03-02-2005 10:01:42

Mine works, but it doesn't have an ETA yet. Looks like it was just scanned for outbound from TN. I figure I'll see it tuesday or wednesday. ) Gives me time to rip my 300 nor so cds to the HD to gop along with the 40 gigs I already have on it. )


03-02-2005 10:15:33

So yours was just shipped? How recently?


03-02-2005 10:37:44

The UPS page says the 1st was when it was first scanned in at the warehouse, but it didn't leave till today.


03-02-2005 11:13:36

Thats awesome. How long does it take to receive it from the account approved stage?

On Feb 2nd, my account was approved and Order Placed. =]


03-02-2005 11:53:26

Mine was approved last tuesday I think....they said everything would ship last friday, but they didn't go till early this week.


03-02-2005 16:01:16

my tracking doesn't woek =\


03-02-2005 17:38:22

They told me that my number is probably too new to I probably won't get mine until next week.

Oh well....


03-02-2005 22:08:19

hopefully my iRiver will ship soon. My portable cd player broke and these subway rides are long =P