anybody updating?

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02-02-2005 21:41:16

I've been stuck at 7 greens for the past week and a half. I know more people i referred completed offers, but OC seems kinda dead recently.


03-02-2005 07:51:27

I got another green yesterday. Only 13 more greens to go. roll


03-02-2005 10:11:17

Yeah I've been stuck at 2 out of 74 for like a week and a half. Anyone know when they are planning to update? I hope that more than two will go


03-02-2005 12:39:57

Make sure not to "guide" your referrals as this is considered cheating...but tell them when theyve finished the offer to make sure they click the "I have completed this offer" button. or theyll never get credit.


03-02-2005 13:02:36

When you don't know who they are, that can be difficult. ;)

Yeah, you can email them, but when they see the subject, they might consider it spam.

Offercentric really needs to remove the buttons. It's not like they're necessary. Gratis doesn't have them.


03-02-2005 13:26:30

its a great way to make more money for them, thnk about it.

lets say joe signs up but doesnt click, im sure the affiliate still sends OC the $ for the signup. Im sure that afiliates dont send seperate checks for each OC get a lump sum check for all the months signups. And since only a small % clicked the button, most of that check is profit.


03-02-2005 15:44:19

Damn so what you guys are saying is that all the people i have could have done an offer, but will never get credit unless they click this button. Damn looks like I have a lot of emailing to do P

- Dais781


03-02-2005 17:14:15

Some people diss Gratis, but at least they don't pull this kind of crap.