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02-02-2005 21:32:26

If you're like me and demand immediate satisfaction..

http// - 12" iBook
http// - mail-in rebate form has, for the first time that liIli have ever seen, mail-in rebates on all Apple computer models.

This includes the 12" and 14" iBook - the 12" has a $100 MIR; the 14" has a $150 MIR.

You can get a 12" iBook, same specs as notebooks4free, for $899 with free shipping and no tax. I'm trying to convince my boyfriend to get it for me, so I can give him the money when I get my 18 referrals and get the PayPal depost option - which leaves $70 to spend on RAM, bluetooth (which IMHO is pretty worthless for most people), etc.

At any rate, make sure you use the link above if you're interested - a search for "12" ibook" only returns a model sold through Amazon by J&R Computer World, which is ineligible for the rebate.

Just thought I'd pass this along in case anyone was interested.


02-02-2005 21:40:14

why wuold you TinyURL an amazon link?

dont tell me u have the amazon referral tag embedded on there...


02-02-2005 21:50:51

LOL no, they were just long links. I was trying to keep my post nice-looking. )


02-02-2005 22:50:42

She's right about part of it. Without some extra code, the base ASIN url changes to the laptop sold through Office Depot via Amazon, which wouldn't qualify for the rebate, while with it, it reverts to Amazon's.

However, there's still some unnecessary referrer info in the first link...

This edited down one should work fine



02-02-2005 22:56:07

Incidentally, I'm going for a laptop rather than the Paypal funds, as they "might" take a cut.

Does anyone know if their Paypal payment from offercentric was from funds in their paypal account, from their bank account, or credit?

Knowing, will answer the "cut" question. ;)


02-02-2005 23:17:46

Won't PayPal take a cut no matter what? I thought the policy was any deposit over $500 required upgrading your PayPal account in order to even receive the deposit.

The cut is only 3% plus $0.30 - You'd be losing $30.30, which puts the cash at $969.70...IMHO still a great deal. Without the cut, of course, is optimal, as I'd love to get the full $1000...then I can buy 512mb ram instead of 256 for the thing (or possibly buy 512mb for my Dell laptop and bump that up to a gig).


03-02-2005 00:15:12

You're right.......damn. (I think I read and repressed this somehow)

Ah well, I'm not so certain now, but I don't have to make a decision until I'm up to 17 referrals or so.

Hopefully the dollar will still be worth what it is now when I do. D