Ready To trade; send me your referral link

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02-02-2005 20:33:02

If you have NOT signed up for and are interested in trading, please pm me.
I'll give you an instant green for pvps4free.
I've completed 4 clean trades so far. I'm two referrals away from getting my free Ipod photo. I'm ready and willing!
Please om me!


05-02-2005 02:53:16

I can't sign up for you for that site because I have already singed up...but I can sign up for a few of the newer sites if you would still be willing to trade for another site to sign up for pvp for me....

Or if interested, I would be willing to pay you $15 cash for a green. I have 11 green and want to get the bonus item since I already did the second offer anyway so if you are interested them email me ;) (