Ive got 10 points, now what?

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01-03-2007 13:57:26

I completed 10 points at giftmonkey for the 225 pay pal. I requested my gift and got a message saying to allow 10-25 days for.... I dont remember exactly. How does this process usually go down? Thanks, Jeremy


08-03-2007 17:06:20

Hey they usually send payments weekly, just checked if your order status says shipped usually its received the day after depending on their funds.


08-03-2007 17:51:42

weekly? do you know if they have specific dates?


12-03-2007 08:29:12

weekly? do you know if they have specific dates?[/quote

Not sure but i always seem to get approved on Monday and get pay on Thursday or Friday it all really depends how much is in there funds if they are low they will pay the next day.