Make $15 for using my refferal link - A student in need!

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01-02-2005 17:00:23

Hey, I know I'm a new member to this forum, but I have used freeipodguide to get a free ipod and I am currently working on a notebook and a mini mac. I am an engineering student and my notebook died last month. This was an old gateway 400SD4 - a beast on a notebook with a P4 2.0Ghz that weighed about 8 LBS. In it's death, I have the opportunity to get a new notebook, and offercentric's light AMD notebook is perfect for me (64 bit is the best for mathematical programming and execution).

As I am a student I don't have very much $$, and not even close to enough to buy this notebook, but I do have enough to pay 17 people $15 (I already have one sign up). I am legitimate about my dealings and I will not rip you off (I have been ripped off before and it sucks). If you want to check up on my referrals I post on xbox-scene under Marmite, my eBay feedback is EPhossil.

If you are interested in helping me out and making $15, email= me at me at I pay when the offer goes green; I can pay via paypal, or webcertificate (I can only pay via webcertificate if you sign up for both my notebook4free and minimac offers as the minimum amount for a webcertificate is $15. If you sign up for both I can pay $30 via webcertificate). Feel free to email= me at any time at me at any time at or hit me up on AIM at EPhossil.

I have a similar post in the freeminimacs forum if you would rather sign up for that offer.Help me out, I need this!


02-02-2005 12:28:46

Or......( Said in Sally Struthers voice) By adopting this child you can help him get the food a nourishment he needs to stay alive. Just look at the famine and poverty he experiences ....Please , Please help this needy child out. Could you say no to this face?


02-02-2005 17:24:23

I also accept food stamps p