status updates, anyone?

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01-02-2005 15:15:48

i'm still stv (

btw, i contacted OC and got this


We are hoping our orders have been shipped already. They are coming
the mid-west. We will update your account as soon as we have this

Best Regards,
OfferCentric Member Services

oh... any anyone know how to contact ecost? i head someone did already... i've tried, but the said that they needed an order number, telephone number, or last name on the acct.


01-02-2005 15:19:03

My email from earlier today said they didn't have the tracking #'s yet, but they would email them as soon as they got them. My iRiver is shipping from the Tennessee we'll see.


02-02-2005 17:51:36


Yes. Our vendor has confirmed all orders have shipped. We will update
account as soon as the tracking information is available.

Best Regards,
OfferCentric Member Services

btw, i would like to add that OC's customer service kicks ass. the reply came within 2 hours.


02-02-2005 18:36:10

They emailed me the same thing....still waiting on tracking number though =P.

It'll come though.....


04-02-2005 11:28:57

just got credit for a trade i did with Bayvet and now they are approving my account. how long did it take yall to get approved, did u email them for approval.


04-02-2005 11:32:16 them asking how long it will take. They will approve it right then. )


04-02-2005 11:34:42

i will do that now )


04-02-2005 15:23:43


Please allow 2 business days. Your account is in line for review.

Best Regards,
OfferCentric Member Services

Guess i gotta wait (


05-02-2005 05:58:09

oh man... UPS says my ipod is in a town 30 minutes away >__<
i hope it leaves there today to come to his owner =\ or i gotta wait till monday
UPS doesnt ship sundays, right?