Another Credit Card post

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01-02-2005 12:51:50

Correct me if im wrong but if you read most privacy statements for internet companies, free sites, the advertisers, credit card co. , they all say in their privacy statement that they wornt share any identifying info with anyother company unless law enforcement makes them.

This should mean that cant get any of your card info with out a warrant.

These free sites are run by relativley unknown companies, and I highly doubt say Blockbuster is going to give any info about their highly valued customers to some random ass no name site, just so some person(refferer) can get their IPOd.

Think about it.....

Some of the other offer companies out there with less notoriety might be more shady. Try it, read the privacy statement(different from the TOS) for all of the refferal companies. they all basically say the same thing.

Anyone want to weigh in on this?
Im not going to try to cheat the system but just for arguments sake, other than the tracking link used by the free sites and advertisers, i dont think any info is traded. (except whether you did the offer)


02-02-2005 10:37:03

i never thought of that. I'll be using my parent's CC because i don't have one, it would be nice if they could also use it, cause as of now, i don't think they can (parents live @ different homes)


02-02-2005 11:05:01

I have alot to say here but I don't feel like saying it. In short, the free sites are not privy to your billing information. They do, however, have several measures in place to identify fraud. If anyone here is thinking about trying to cheat, it is in your best interest to seriously reconsider. That or go join the folks at


17-02-2005 21:51:35

use webcert and it will solve that problem