The Ultra V-Load Notebook Case

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01-02-2005 09:35:30

do these notebooks come with a case when they ship out since they would cost like $1000 if you actually bought one or is it ONLY the laptop and then some cords (i've never bought a laptop before). if there is no case included, i'm assuming everyone who buys a laptop would also buy a case for it, right?

also, if i'm planning on getting the 12.1" averatec, would it be kinda pointless to get that huge laptop case as a bonus gift? the case looks pretty big and that might kinda defeat the purpose of portability for the small 12.1" averatec... do you think it'd be better to just get a small case for it?



01-02-2005 09:40:59

You don't get the case with the laptop. You have to get the extra two referrals AND complete a second offer in order to get the bonus laptop case gift.

Normally when you buy a laptop, you get what's listed. Check out the Apple site for the iBook - I believe it comes with the laptop, power adapter, and a DVI-to-VGA adapter for hooking up an external monitor. Everything else you provide yourself.

Oh, and of course they package restore/OS CDs and all the manuals and stuff with it, too.

In response to the second part of your post..

I lipersonallyli wouldn't get a regular laptop bag for something that small. Get a bookbag designed for carrying a laptop, or a messenger-style bookback with a laptop pouch inside.

I got this one


It's about $40 at Office Depot, Staples, etc. It's a smaller laptop backpack (most are pretty big), so it won't hold as much stuff, but if you're just using it to cruise campus or some similar activity, it's perfect for a 12" or 14" laptop.

I use this one now


Its MSRP is $50 but I found it at Target for like $20 on a clearance after Back-To-School stuff was over. It's HUGE however. It will hold all your accessories, textbooks, and your little brother, but you pay the price in the gianormous size of it. I'd recommend the Samsonite if you just need something to carry it in.

If you want something even smaller, check out The Gap, Old Navy, and American Eagle. They tend to sell satchels and backpacks designed for laptops that are cooler looking and smaller than most of the stuff you'll find at office/computer stores.