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22-02-2007 12:32:12

I'm new to this and am still not clear about the way Giftmonkey works. If I get someone to sign up under me, can I then sign up under them? If I get 2 people to sign up under me, can one of them sign up under the other one? If I complete one gift and try to get another gift, can I use the same people under this new gift that I did on the previous one? If so, do they have to complete their gift before signing up under my next one? It probably explains all this, but I haven't quite figured this out. Just thought I would ask in here. Thanks.


22-02-2007 12:50:15


Basically, you can reuse the same people that you refer, and they can switch who they are working for at any time. As long as they can still do offers, then when you pick a new gift, they will automatically be counted toward that gift.


22-02-2007 13:36:16

Ok. That helps with one of my questions. What do you mean by automatically? Your points don't carry over to your next gift, do they? Won't your referrals have to sign up for another offer to get points for that new gift?


22-02-2007 13:48:17

[quote21a349dbdd="frediggy"]Ok. That helps with one of my questions. What do you mean by automatically? Your points don't carry over to your next gift, do they? Won't your referrals have to sign up for another offer to get points for that new gift?[/quote21a349dbdd]

Basically, as long as people are signed up under you, the points they earn will also go to you. So if you complete one prize, then select another to start doing, they won't know the difference. Any offer they do after that switch will start working toward the new reward, without them needing to do anything on their end besides doing offers.


22-02-2007 14:42:51

So it sounds like the people stay with you, but the points would start over, right? They would need to complete another offer then to get you points toward your next gift. So can they then sign up under someone else, complete an offer, then come back to you and complete an offer? Could I go to them, complete an offer and come back to who I am under too?


22-02-2007 14:46:39

Yes. Just make sure to never do the same offer more than once, even if it is on a different site or network.


22-02-2007 15:28:38

OK. Here's another stupid question. If I wanted to complete an offer under someone else and I haven't earned enough points yet under the offer I am currently under, will I lose those points or will they still be there when I come back?


22-02-2007 15:33:11

When you earn points, they are yours. Are you asking if you switch the person you are signed up under, will you lose the points you've earned while under the other person? The answer to that is no. They will keep the points you earned for them, but will get no more. The new person you are signed up under will get the points from then on.

Your account, however, will get and keep all points that you've earned and collected from the people that are signed up under you.

Hope this answers your question.


22-02-2007 16:50:25

So if I then go back under that other person, I can still earn them points, right? So even if I earn points for someone else, am I still trying to get the same gift? Or do I sign up for a new gift every time I switch who I am under? If so, do I lose the points from the previous sign up? Also, if I get a referral under me, can I sign up under them, complete an offer, and then swwitch back under the previous person and still have all my points earned? Sorry. I'm a little slow sometimes.


22-02-2007 17:02:34

Yes, you'll still earn points for whoever you are under, no matter if they are the original person or if you switched to them. You will be earning points for the same gift no matter how many times you switch people, unless you decide you want to do a new gift. If you change gifts, you will still keep all your points that you have already earned.

If someone signs up under you, I am not sure on this, but for Giftmonkey I believe you can also be a referral for them, too, therefore helping each other get points. However, I am not entirely sure on that point, so maybe someone else will correct this if I am wrong.


22-02-2007 17:17:48

THANKS! You have been very helpful. I noticed that we only get points for the first offer we sign up for, so I guess trading points is the way to go. Let me know if you ever want to.


22-02-2007 17:22:41

I'm glad I could help you out )


27-02-2007 11:33:26

I don't want to create another thread since this one seems really good and the questions are being answered. If one of my refs did an offer of 1 point but turns red, why is it that I still have his 1 point that he completed in my accumulative points?


27-02-2007 13:41:25

It might just be there until you go to get your account approved, because it is easier to delete it when it comes in for approval than it would be for them to track down all the points s/he's earned for people.

Best bet Remember that they are red, plan on not getting credit for their point when you submit for approval, and act accordingly. And who knows, you may still get the credit anyways, but then it will just be a bonus )