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19-02-2007 21:52:52

Anyone been paid recently?

They said they pay out on Monday's and Thursday's and I placed my order last Wednesday and got nothing on Thursday and now after today (Monday) still nothing. (

I haven't seen many brags about them recently. shrug


19-02-2007 21:54:12

Would they have paid out today, though, since it was a holiday?


20-02-2007 06:55:15

i got approved last nite for them i submited on friday


08-03-2007 19:52:56

hey i was supposed to be paid today, it says order shipped....but no paypal? (


08-03-2007 21:02:05

how you figure it was today? when your order is shipped it takes between 5-7 days i think for you to get it, when they have the funs they'll make payment real quick, let say the next day after your approved