Dynamic IP's?

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30-01-2005 20:42:52

Continued from my previous post. My friend signed up twice at mp3players4free.com

Can he use a dynamic IP so that it looks different from the one used before? I'm thinking not, but just curious. I'm not trying to cheat the system since he didn't do any of the offers yet, and I have others in waiting.



31-01-2005 18:11:02

if he already signed up with a certain IP he cant do anything but create ANOTHER account at a different IP.


31-01-2005 21:46:27

what if he signed up at his house again, with a different dynamic ip. You get a different one every time the cable modem is restarted. Would it work?


01-02-2005 12:18:49

it would work, but unfortunately there is also a mac address that is specific to the network card that doesnt change. For TCP/IP to work, both the IP address(changeable) and MAC address(not changeable) are read. Every networked item on the planet has its own unique mac address that is hard coded into its memory and cannot be changed.

Edit After further research, (Ive forgotten all of my net classes), but the MAC is not used over the internet (not tcp/ip), but their may be sniffing software out there to retrieve the address. So I wouldnt risk it.

hope this helps wink


13-02-2005 22:50:42

interesting. what if someone signs up using cable modem, then disconnects, and signs up using 56 k?


14-02-2005 00:19:38

There is no way in hell that Gratis is going to go to the effort of finding your MAC address. It's extremely non-trivial to begin with.


14-02-2005 16:21:59

isnt it obvious guy is trying to cheat the system here? why else would he post something like

[quote436701d32c="generaltso89"]what if he signed up at his house again, with a different dynamic ip. You get a different one every time the cable modem is restarted. Would it work?[/quote436701d32c]

"would it work" = "can he chagne his IP every time so it looks like different people are signing up"

IP is not the only way gratis tracks individual users...they can find out many other things about your computer...so in conclusion..



14-02-2005 16:33:14

anyway, dynamic ip's change periodically, it's not guaranteed to change everytime you sign on


17-02-2005 21:43:00

they look at everything and not just the ip including email address used, credit card, name and address


23-02-2005 13:26:37

I beg to differ on the Credit card thing. I really dont think without a court order gratis or any company can make another company give out customers credit info. Not even the last 4 digits.


23-02-2005 17:14:25

im not trying to cheat, im already done with freeipods, but i just have an observation i would like to make. I think it is possible to cheat.

All a person would have to do is , 1) make 5 different email addresses 2) find five different computers (with differesnt ip's) and sign up for his own (gasp!) freething.com account. 3) buy himself 5 different gift cards or webcerts and finish offers, using names of random people from the phonebook.

HAHA i think this would work, if you think it wouldn't work i challenge you to specify what wouldn't work about it.


23-02-2005 17:19:02

It might work, but we don't talk about that here, because it is scamming. Do it right, for fuck's sake.


23-02-2005 23:44:49

why would you go through all that hassle. just do it the right way and trade people for referrals. by far the easiest way to finish sites.