Great Fun Offer - Problems signing up??

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30-01-2005 08:18:10

Has anyone else tried to sign up for the Greatfun offer and received an error about the credit card field being undefined? I've double checked everything and even tried on a different computer with no luck. I've emailed OC and will email GreatFun shortly.


30-01-2005 09:27:26

Yeah...I have the same problem. At first it was just the month/year box for the CC# would only show one or the other, then after I tried it with IE, it was okay, but it wouldn't take any of my CC #'s. I just gave up.


30-01-2005 11:00:05

Didn't work w/ a webcert for me.....


31-01-2005 12:37:29

[quote1990913e5d="PodTopia"]Didn't work w/ a webcert for me.....[/quote1990913e5d]

what sort of problems came up for you when you tried using a webcert?


31-01-2005 19:13:37

It simply wouldn't accept it. There was an "error". same happened with eFax.