Damn...new shipping info everyone...

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28-01-2005 15:13:25

Hey everyone...

I emailed OC and asked if any orders were shipped and if they got any tracking numbers, here's what they emailed me back


Orders sent to our vendor last night will ship Monday and Tuesday. We will
not get tracking until Wednesday at the eraliest.

Best Regards,
OfferCentric Member Services[/quote2546535be7]

Oh well! ( )


28-01-2005 15:15:07

That sucks.....

Oh well....at least we know they are coming. )


28-01-2005 15:19:48

i want credit for my last referral this is BS (


28-01-2005 15:48:15

darn. it's okay though.... we know when its coming. =D


28-01-2005 18:12:18

if it ships monday... when will it arrive?


28-01-2005 18:43:32

friday or thursday, hopefully


28-01-2005 18:46:27

thank god.. i need it before saturday.


28-01-2005 19:33:03

Actually I'm betting on Wednesday.



28-01-2005 19:41:59

DUDE if ur right... ur my best friend D


28-01-2005 21:08:17

[quoteb11b17ca0c="eggman90"]DUDE if ur right... ur my best friend D[/quoteb11b17ca0c]

You might get your iPod by wednesday because I've seen Offercentric one day ship before. I'm still waiting for my check though cry


28-01-2005 21:12:22

im praying it comes in soon..


29-01-2005 00:20:56

Welll, their vendor is e-cost, and they have like 20 warehouses across the country, so chances are they have a warehouse within a day or two of you. If they do all ship on monday, I'd be surprised if everybody didn't have theirs by friday at the latest.


29-01-2005 08:57:03

The iPod was available for same day shipping yesterday on e-cost, i wonder why they didn't ship it then


29-01-2005 09:15:14

looks like in quantity, there's only 4 left on ecost. . .


29-01-2005 12:33:09

Sorry to bring this up, but there's no DS4FREE forum. Where does OC get their DS'? eCost?


29-01-2005 12:35:13

probobly... i think ecost is like their only vendor.


29-01-2005 16:59:56

eCost is a good vendor. I purchased an xD card (memory for my camera) a while ago, and they were superb. So even if you're not getting stuff for free, eCost is good.


29-01-2005 17:11:21

ok... OC says mine is shipping out on monday wich means it will be here by......?


29-01-2005 20:15:22

they said they'll be using UPS ground. i guess it depends where the warehouses are, but i'm gussing wed, or thurs.


29-01-2005 20:23:14

yea thats wut i was guessing to. the email they sent me says by the end of the week. hopefully by wednesday..


29-01-2005 23:06:30

The email I got this morning said mine will ship on monday from the Tennessee warehouse. Thry'll give me the traqcking info on tuesday.

This is for the iRiver BTW.


30-01-2005 11:56:41

Awesome news for you undertheradar!

I emailed them about 20 minutes ago about my order, not specifically, just when iPods will ship, I'll email them about my order later!

On another note, I finished another site and when the owner updates credits Monday morning I will be ordering a second iPod, and it will be the first or second order, so he will order it the same day. I might get 2 iPods at the same time from UPS because he uses eCost.com! Yes!


30-01-2005 13:28:55

lol. pretty kool. sell one on ebay, get the $ go buy somethin kooler. D
my irivers shippin 2 morrow D D D D


30-01-2005 13:56:36

MSX, what's the second site? Also, I've got 5 completed refs and 1 completed offer on ds4free. I completed netzero on thursday. Should it turn tomorrow? If it goes green, should my DS ship then? Thanks!


31-01-2005 16:34:35

hey... someone said that they called ecost for their order status;
what did you say to them?


31-01-2005 18:09:20

this is ridiculous... first they say friday... now they say either today or tommorow.. wtf.


31-01-2005 18:53:03

looks like it's gonna be tommorow ;x


31-01-2005 19:00:19

i hope its not.. maybe it shipped already.. they havnt responded to my other email yet.


31-01-2005 19:11:19

They said the earliest they'd have tracking numbers, regardless of shipping date, would be Wednesday. So if they ship tomorrow, we're most likely going to get them Wednesday, but we may get them tomorrow (I hope so).


31-01-2005 19:20:38


These items ship from TN. We will obtain tracking numbers Tuedsay and will update your account.

Best Regards,
OfferCentric Member Services


31-01-2005 20:00:10

i guess it shipped out already then..


31-01-2005 20:23:32

thats for the iriver


31-01-2005 21:04:16

yea.. thats wut i ordered.


01-02-2005 04:10:14

Damn...ship my iPod already dammit! lol

Congrats everyone


01-02-2005 12:28:52

As of 1130 PST today


No, we are still waiting for them. We will send them to you as soon as we
get them.

Best Regards,
OfferCentric Member Services


01-02-2005 15:27:02


We are hoping orders are being shipped. We will not know for sure until we
get our tracking list. Please be patient.

omfg this is getting ridiculous...


01-02-2005 15:38:59

relax dude. It's just a little piece of plastic and silicon. )


01-02-2005 15:43:58

still.. i want it.. my mp3 player broke and im musicless... plus.. this is my frist free thingy.


17-02-2005 21:48:18

hey just wondering how long shipping takes for OC sites?


17-02-2005 21:51:01

Quick Breakdown from my Exp so far

Finish -> Approval = 2 Days

Approval -> Order Placed = Instant

Order Placed -> STV = Varies depending on when they send out orders usually weekly

STV -> Shipped = 1 or 2 days

And shipping to your house depends on how far away you live from a distributor. But once it's sent to vendor, it's in the hands of companies like ecost to deliver it. STV is when OC sends the order.


17-02-2005 22:07:39

got mine a while back. its pretty sweet.