OC is the best !

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25-01-2005 14:37:50


01/18/05 - Sign up
01/19/05 - 1 referral sign up !
01/20/05 - 3 more sign up !
01/22/05 - 4 green !
01/23/05 - Last referral sign up !
01/25/05 - twisted 2 referral went red !
01/25/05 - Contact customer support and ask why
01/25/05 - 30 minutes later D

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lol Waiting for my money now.


25-01-2005 15:05:42

Yes, they do rock! Their customer service kicks ass!

Paypal payments will be going out on Thursday. )


25-01-2005 20:13:14

Do you know if checks will be sent out on thursday? Because I ordered mine last Tuesday and it still says "Sent to Vendor."


25-01-2005 20:47:33

it will still be sent to vendor when you receive it...


25-01-2005 21:01:27

[quoted47d561549="gman225"]it will still be sent to vendor when you receive it...[/quoted47d561549]

Oh, thats awesome!!!! How long did it take for you to recieve your check. Thanks for your help gman225.... D

Cause I've been waiting for a week now and I really want that check!!!!!! lol


29-01-2005 19:13:09

hmm, I hope they approve me before Thursday, so I can get my $275


29-01-2005 19:42:16

Same here, but I'm on ds4free.....


04-02-2005 11:07:17

Same here, but I am on Cameras4Free. I am currently pending approval...how long do they usually take from approval to STV?