same referrals for different programs- allowed or not?

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24-01-2005 05:10:12

I signed up for mp3players4free and ipodshuffles4free

can i have the same exact referrals for both programs or is this considered fraud?

i am new at this and wanting to give both my referral links to the same group of friends

if this is fraud, mods, please delete this post.


24-01-2005 08:59:00

Yes, you can have the same referrals on the different sites, but they can't do the same offers.


24-01-2005 16:35:33

you mean if i am on mp3players4free and signed up with offer "A"
then on the other offer centric site, i can't sign up with offer "A" again

or do you mean once i sign up with offer "A" my referrals can't use offer "A" at all on either offer centric site?