is it really worth it?

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22-01-2005 00:25:25

wouldn't it be WAY easier, and less of your time, if you got a job (or part-time job for those of you with jobs already) andjust bought yourself a laptop? I mean laptops arent THAT much money, if you were working 6 hours every saturday/sunday and then some odd hours each week for a month at minmum wage, you'd probably have at least $1000 to buy yourself a notebook with...

plus it'd take much easier, and you wouldn't be distressed over referrals, haha


22-01-2005 00:26:34

A part time job?

More like just put in some OT.

Being a 'professional' has it's perks.


22-01-2005 00:29:53

[quote2891b97df4="adenosine"]More like just put in some OT.[/quote2891b97df4]

that too, i forgot about overtime, so yea overtime would probably cover that in 1 month, if you worked over time for about 2-4 hours each night.. (not including weekends)


22-01-2005 03:54:24

I'm sure some here have debts, are sick, or are working full time already and [iaa7f59e8a1]still[/iaa7f59e8a1] can't afford a laptop right now.

While getting freebies is appealing to all, unless you have a site, or other sure-fire way to get referrals fast, most probably have no other way to get these items.

I know [iaa7f59e8a1]I[/iaa7f59e8a1] can't afford a new laptop right now, and wouldn't have been able to splurge on that iPod either, without having to cut out something else.


22-01-2005 09:02:03

It really depends on what you do for a living and how much you make.

My friend's dad is an ER doctor, he makes half a million a year ($500,000). That works out to be about $208 an hour, at a rate of 8 hours a day for 300 days a year (about that many days are worked).

One day of work - 8 hours - would be more than enough for laptop and some nice accessories.

My god, it must be great to live like that. lol


25-01-2005 00:38:22

MSX...ER doc's arentpaid that much, unless hes a specialist, and in that case he wouldnt be in the ER in the first place.


26-01-2005 16:01:30

Heh, I have a laptop already. This one's for my wife. ;)

And besides, it's rather like a hobby, so why not give it a shot?


26-01-2005 17:19:32

the iBook is worth $1300 -)

i want to be the mac switcher of the campus.

i've already switching when i get my mini, but a laptop would be so much easier...i finally would have something to take notes in class.

pen writing is hard work.


27-01-2005 10:15:54

yes it's worth it
i've been working on it for only 5 days and i'm almost done


27-01-2005 10:41:49

thats cause justinfreestuff is a referral pimp


27-01-2005 10:43:51

Yeah, I don't think I could ever get all the referrals for these notebooks.

I barely got enough to get my Mac Mini... currently doing some beta tests of paid advertising for my tech4free account. Maybe my luck will improve once I get some free stuff in the mail.


27-01-2005 13:17:51

[quote5bd155e97c="stroid"]thats cause justinfreestuff is a referral pimp[/quote5bd155e97c]

<< no it's because i am an ungrateful fuck 8)


27-01-2005 17:06:10

I don't do eBay, and I'm not gonna spam boards directly from my IP (Not crazy about proxies either), so my wait is a bit more excrutiating.

What compounds this, is that Offercentric will not credit you, unless the new referral clicks the "I have completed this offer" button after doing so.

This kind of roadblock totally chages the whole freebie scenario, and I can imagine referrals dropping dramatically for everyone, with Offercentric and the Coopers losing money in the longrun, by not crediting members in the shortrun.

This kind of thing makes Gratis look a lot better, as they don't implement this kind of "referral killer".