It's official! Offer Centric kicks ass!

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21-01-2005 10:41:37

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My DS4Free account was approved and my order placed yesterday, and today my offer and last referral went through! I'll be emailing them to see if they will manually approve it like they did with the DS. )

I decided to go with the iRiver BTW. D


21-01-2005 12:44:29

Hey, why would the manually approve it? Don't you have to wait like a week or two first?

I requested approval on Wednesday BTW.


21-01-2005 13:04:37

I don't think you have to wait a week or two first to get approved. This is what happened to me

Got my last referral on 1/16/05
Checked my account for fraud on 1/17/05
Got approved 1/18/05
Ordered a check 1/18/05
Now I am currently sent to vendor and its 1/21/05!!!!
Offercentric definitely kicks ass!!!


21-01-2005 13:24:10

I completed and submitted for approval last friday. Yesterday I was getting anxious, so I dropped them a quick line asking how long it would be. The responded a few hours later that my account was approved and I could order. I just did the same thing with Mp3players too, I could get lucky and only be pending for a day. ) I know ecost has them in stock, so hopefully it wont be a long wait.


21-01-2005 14:11:53

You'll probably only be pending for one day. It happened to me!!!! D


21-01-2005 14:26:25

fingers crossed. )