Got My 5 Greens....

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20-01-2005 18:43:53

I'm in the investagation phase. how long does this take? they said i would get a email but i haven't recieved anything


20-01-2005 19:24:24

Make sure you get the iRiver ). I've got an iPod and I'm longing for the iRiver.


20-01-2005 19:26:57

i got the ipod the wife wants it


20-01-2005 19:38:49

lol. understand. if you were getting it, would you have gotten the iRiver? keep in mind, it plays videos!


20-01-2005 20:06:49

Keep in mind, it plays videos, after you convert it to avi, and make sure it's the right size, ect., and it's on a 2 inch screen. I dunno, I'd love to get one, they look pretty kickass, but right now I want an iPod, plus I just got my free gift from, a Sonic Blue iSkin eVo2 for my soon-to-be approved/stv/shipped/received iPod from

One of my referrals just went green so now I have 6 greens...they better approve me lol...can't wait! Anyone know how long this takes?


20-01-2005 22:10:19

I was just approved for my NintendoDS, but I placed an order for the Paypal. )

I completed last friday and it was approved today. My iRiver will be pending tomorrow. )


20-01-2005 22:20:28

The DS ships on the 30th of January. Do you think it can reach me by Feb. 4th? Where are OC's "shipping stations"? What are typical ship times? Or should I just get the PayPal and buy my own DS? UnderTheRadar, are you planning on buying the DS?


20-01-2005 23:08:44

Nope, I haven't played video games in years, so I went into a agme store and checked it out......too complicated for me. ) I need a new head unit for my Civic, so thats where my money is going. )


21-01-2005 10:43:39

Crap i took the 150 on the FREEDS. i have no use for a ds )


22-01-2005 11:05:36

OC is messing with my head i got a 5th referral to sign up on wed and she did efax and its still not green but someone else that signed up under me did efax and was green the next day. its as if they are delaying credit because its my 5th green. i guess i will have to wait in frustration


22-01-2005 12:39:16

Anyone know OC's current approving, processing, STV, and shipped time frame?

I submitted for approval on Wednesday.