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20-01-2005 15:00:12

On the donations page it has the option to donate for this offer, however a few things are off-putting. The statement regards a $15 donation, however the paypal link is for $20. Not sure if that is intended, or if just e-mailing the details of a $15 donation would suffice. Also, when clicking the paypal link, it reminds us all to read the proceeding rules regarding donation, which state [quoted668a96f16]FIRST OFF THIS SITE IS AFFILIATED WITH FREEIPODGUIDE.COM BUT THIS SITE ONLY SUPPORTS REFERRAL LINKS FOR PVPS4FREE, DVRS4FREE AND MP3PLAYERS4FREE.[/quoted668a96f16]
Now, I'm just assuming that this statement hasn't been updated for the new offers such as this one, but what this rule claims to support does not include the new offers. Just curious about this and a heads up if this is unintended.

I'll surely donate once this is clarified, in the mean time, feel free to PM me on here or AIM (This Spoon) if you would like my referral link. Though I'm sure most that have made it to the boards have already registered.


20-01-2005 19:13:10

dont donate, sign up under me