Monkey badges

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28-11-2006 09:04:51

I noticed that the Giftmonkey badges only show to others what you chose to get.

That seems incredibly limiting, since I may choose a lesser gift that what someone seeing the banner might want. I'd sooner want to say you can get a free laptop or plasma, as they might be more popular than what I chose to get.

Steven, could you create a banner page with more general categories, or possibly allow a user to choose a badge for a product other than what they are currently working towards?

That would be far more useful. )


28-11-2006 09:28:45

You can change the gift selection then download the new banner


28-11-2006 09:40:48

No, not everyone can do that once they've gotten refs. They are unable to choose another unless they upgrade to something with a higher point value and can't go back.

Sounds like a rather extreme measure to get a different badge, don't you think? ;)


08-01-2007 22:25:18

Good points, we have plans to redo the badges so we'll take your suggestion into account.