Cookies? Where? Help!

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19-01-2005 16:52:00

I was helping a friend sign up through my referral on his computer and mp3players4free said that he had disabled cookies and that he would need to enable them so that it works. I disabled cookies and any other security problems, but it still did not work. I went back to my computer and noticed that I had the same problem, although it was the first time ever I got the message. Anybody else having this problem? Know how to solve it?


19-01-2005 16:59:42

Try refreshing ;).

I'm using FireFox, I logged in today at 413PM, it had a pink box on top of the offers that said something about cookies...I checked FireFox's settings and it was allowing cookies, so I refreshed and the box went away. Then I clicked status and it showed that I had just gotten my 5th green and that they were approving my account. ) yay lol


19-01-2005 17:03:46

Know how to solve it with IE? My friend is really bitchy about his PC so he doesnt like new shit installed on his computer.


19-01-2005 20:19:43

just enable cookies in IE, its in the options menu. And who doesnt like firefox. its amazing