Giftmonkey crediting - 15 days and counting...

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24-11-2006 17:04:11

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone else has been having problems with Giftmonkey - 15 days ago I completed an offer that was said to be instant, and I still haven't received credit. I submitted an offer request form, but still no response. Any ideas?


28-11-2006 13:41:36

i also had a few offers not credit, its about the same as prizebook offers not crediting... which is pretty bad, i just said screw it i'll do different offers because can't wait for offers that potentially will never credit.

there are lots of free offers, so doing another one shouldnt be a problem unless you dont want to use them up for this site. sucks i know....


28-11-2006 17:11:19

Hrm... ive completed 4 offers today, all instant, and none has greened. OC admin do you think you can make this move on a little faster?

These are the offers ive done.

Great Fun 3/4 credit
Traverlers Advantage 3/4 credit
Complete Home 3/4 credit
Pricestore 1 credit


30-11-2006 23:35:36

yeah something is up with there site compared to normal sites and even their own regular sites it would seem to me.

i just saw a batch crediting yesterday, but not everybody, and too many of them did "instants"


30-11-2006 23:43:02

None of my refs had any problem receiving credit and were pretty much all credited within a day.


08-12-2006 20:03:11

[quote71fc4c7d09="theysayjump"]None of my refs had any problem receiving credit and were pretty much all credited within a day.[/quote71fc4c7d09]

I guess they hit they right offers.

A lot of people have trouble crediting. Some offers have been known to NEVER credit on their sites. For the guy who did Great Fun and Travelers Advantage, I suggest you don't wait for manual credit on that. Just treat it like a gift from Freepay don't count on it, but if it comes, then it comes.

These troublesome offers should be reported to GiftMonkey and to the community.

It seems that after recent development, this forum has helped users distinguish between legitimate sites and scammer sites that never pay people. Why we can't have a little thread to help users distinguish between legitimate offers and scammer offers that never pay commission(credit users) is a mystery to me. shrug

For now, I suggest Giftmonkey users look around this forum and other ones, go to the offercentric sub-forums, look for the numerous threads that say "OC CREDITING = Bad", and compare the offers that many people have claimed they have not received credit for (most in A4F were deleted by hackers) .


17-12-2006 21:17:08

Im sooo frustrated with this site too!! I completed Video Professor for them 30 days ago and no credit!! Im scared to do any more!!!


21-01-2007 00:55:37

man 4 refs did 2 offers each and noone got credit.. its been a week.. I also did video professor.. OC seems to do this to make money. I even have proof that it wasn't my cookies by using the source code.

track code

<input type="hidden" name="referrer" value="https//

after order was placed


21-01-2007 01:01:11

you guys need to come forward and let others know how oc scams credits.. missing 8 points from different offers. this site belongs with freepay.