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18-01-2005 14:10:34

Here's the story

On Thursday I got a few people to signup/trade with for mp3players4free.com, on Friday, 1 went green...then on Friday I got 4 people to trade with for mp3players4free.com, waited impatiently (heh) 'till Monday for them to get credit...around 5pm, 3 went green, and 1 stayed yellow. I have the confirmations from them all, and the 1 that didn't go green did SouthWinds Gourmet Coffee. So I said, ah dammit, and waited until today. Still nothing, so I got 1 more person to do an offer in the hope that they would be credited today. So now I have 2 refs waiting on credit, and here's my question(s)

How long does crediting take for Star Club Rewards and SouthWinds Gourmet Coffee?

And, how long does it take currently for OC to Approve, Process, STV, and Ship? (if you have received yours lately or have recently requested approval, ect...how long did it take?).


On a side note, I finished freeipodshuffle.com (http//sonyscene.com/freeipodshuffle.jpg) and offerprizes.com (http//sonyscene.com/offerprizesstatus.gif) over the weekend. I've never completed anything, and I finished 2 sites in 1 weekend. Amazing (for me anyways)! I finished with 1 yellow and 1 green for OfferPrizes.com and ordered an iSkin, and 3 greens and 2 yellows for freeipodshuffle.com, and order the only thing you can, a 1GB iPod Shuffle (anyone know how long for approval on this, or how long Gratis takes to approve on other sites?).


18-01-2005 14:12:09

Read my signature for dates of approval, etc.