Which offers actually work?

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28-10-2006 20:41:29

Hi, I'm wondering which credits actually work on GiftMonkey. I've only tried OfferCentric once before, but I never received credit for the offer I did, so I never signed up for another OfferCentric site.

I've recently noticed serval complaints about not recieving credit between here and A4F, so I've been pretty worried about starting GiftMonkey. If anyone has completed offers on GiftMonkey, can you please tell me which offers you have sucessfully recieved credit for (without manual credit) and those that tend to never reward credit? thanks


29-10-2006 01:43:06

Ok, Don't do efax.. 3-4 of my refs are waiting on credit for about 2 weeks now

Freebidding, video professor, real, etc credits. Will have to find out about more offers

PM Me if you want to do GM


29-10-2006 10:15:20

Sorry, I'm afraid I can't allow this.