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15-01-2005 14:44:08

Hey all,
I already have an iPod from gratis but now I'm wondering about the iRiver. This is my question, is there an add-on accesory of a memory card reader? so images from digital camera cards (memory stick, compact flash, etc) can go DIRECTLY to the iriver for backup (i know iPods have an add-on like that but I'm not sure how reliable that is)?? I will definitely pursue an iRiver if there is such a thing... Because the iriver can be my digital camera backup when I go on trips so I can take more pictures.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.


16-01-2005 16:03:30

Yes it can. BUT, you'll have to upgrade the firmware to Korean firmware 1.20K, which adds video support and does not void any sort of warranties.

You don't connect your card to the iRiver, you can with a powered $10 card reader. You connect your camera to the iRiver and just browse your camera.

However, if your camera requires drivers, it might not work. So that's where a cheap card reader comes in handy.

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