GiftMonkey updates

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06-10-2006 23:24:09

We've made some changes to GM

Several easy/low cost 1/2 and 3/4 point offers have been added to GiftMonkey today.

We will open to GiftMonkey to international members next week. Only cash options will be available to non US members.

We will allow users to request manual credit on GiftMonkey sometime next week.

Because the rules regarding changing your gift wasn't clearly stated before, we will allow all members who joined GiftMonkey before 10/5 to change their selected gift to any item. We know many of you want to have the ability to change to any gift at any time and we look into allowing this in the near future.


06-10-2006 23:48:18

I thought you had stated that one can change items at any time, whether or not they had done an offer, or received referrals, without any restriction, short of downgrading to a lower point item?

I just signed up today under that impression.

Are you specifically referring to downgrading? I chose an item that I currently wouldn't like to downgrade from, but I would certainly like to retain my ability to change to an item of equal point value, or one of a higher value, and continue to earn points toward it.

Being able to downgrade is also an option I'd like to have, although I don't currently wish to use it.