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13-01-2005 13:14:46

how long does netzero take to credit?


01-02-2005 09:58:23

i'd like to know too if anyone has an answer to this. thanks.


01-02-2005 10:00:43

they never credited me so i just did another offer.


01-02-2005 12:03:48

damnit, that sucks. has anyone gotten credit from netzero and, if so, how long did it take??



01-02-2005 12:31:07

im still waiting on credit from autotech4free for netzero its been a week


01-02-2005 21:02:18

CRAP. I signed up on ds4free with it, and I need it to go green tomorrow to go STV for my PayPal.


02-02-2005 10:18:42

has anyone actually received credit from netzero?


02-02-2005 10:55:38

I have...


02-02-2005 10:59:54

Me too.


02-02-2005 11:36:27

how long did it take y'all to get credit?


02-02-2005 12:09:43

Couple of days.


02-02-2005 13:41:33



04-02-2005 14:30:31

I had to send the follow up credit request form to OC. I waited a few days after that and then emailed them. I very politely asked them to take a look into my netzero situation and credit it. They credited it within the hour.


06-02-2005 21:59:10

i did netzero on the 5th of january.... emailed OC three times, no response, no credit...


07-02-2005 12:35:40

man, now i'm really scared that i won't get credit.....


07-02-2005 19:03:46

It's 7 days, no credit. Sending them an e-mail.


07-02-2005 21:10:33

hey podtopia, let us know when you hear back from them...


07-02-2005 21:14:00

I just finished sending the e-mail. I never received a confirmation e-mail, so nothing for me to paste in there. I don't even think I was smart enough to take a screenshot.


08-02-2005 15:59:06

When I emailed the site to get credit for NetZero I was sure to be super super nice and polite. I also offered to do whatever I could on my end to help them credit my account. I'm not sure if that helped in getting my response so quickly or maybe it was luck of the draw in getting a real cool rep. Just my .02


08-02-2005 16:59:25

I tried to be really nice as well. Unfortunately, I messed up on the first submission, so I did two. We'll see how it turns out....


08-02-2005 17:18:54

do you already have 18 referrals and are just waiting for your own offer to be credited?


08-02-2005 17:28:04

This is on DS4FREE. I currently have 16, and the other two were completed last week and should credit shortly.


09-02-2005 14:33:14

man, so now we have to wait 10 more business days if we just sent them an "offer completion followup request".... dayum


09-02-2005 16:08:18

I know, it's such crap, considering that they ship the DS' next week. I may not get my credit by then (.


09-02-2005 17:57:11

Damn, and I did this today for someone. I hope I get credit. / Does it matter which plan of Netzero's you sign up for? Does it have to be the most expensive?


09-02-2005 18:02:10

I don't know. I did the Family Plan (the cheapest one) and have yet to cancel.


09-02-2005 18:11:47

I waited 3 business days after submitting the form on the site. They got back to me quickly and manually credited my account.


09-02-2005 22:32:20

wait... so you waited 7 business days, didn't get credit, and then you sent the offer request form and waited 3 more[ib3a6f99e4a] business days before getting credit,

or you just waited 3 business days after signing up for netzero, you sent them the offer request form, and then got credit....[/ib3a6f99e4a]


10-02-2005 12:43:13

requested credit 2-3 weeks ago, netzeros a no go, thumbs down for netzero offer


10-02-2005 13:49:40

[quote733bf588f0="mwg3c"]wait... so you waited 7 business days, didn't get credit, and then you sent the offer request form and waited 3 more[i733bf588f0] business days before getting credit,

or you just waited 3 business days after signing up for netzero, you sent them the offer request form, and then got credit....[/i733bf588f0][/quote733bf588f0]

Sorry i wasn't clear with my post. I waited 5 business days after initially signing up for netzero. I didn't get credit so I sent in that credit follow up request form through the site. 3 business days after sending that form in I emailed them. They manually credited my account within the hour. Hope that helps and sorry for the confusion.


10-02-2005 15:00:16

what exactly did you say in your e-mail to get them to credit you so fast?


10-02-2005 19:52:34

I was just really nice and asked them if they could look into it for me. I also said I would call them myself, etc but the privilige of talking to a live person (or even emailing one) would either cost me or require that I am a platinum member. Maybe I just got lucky with the rep handling my account. Try it and see.


13-02-2005 22:47:16

netzero is shady


14-02-2005 05:44:32

Yes, it is. I applied a week ago for credit and never got it. I'm so pissed. I had 5 refs on ds4free and had completed my bonus offer 2 weeks ago. Since, I've missed 2 STV dates, and it seems I won't get my DS in time for my vacation (.


18-02-2005 13:20:26

YEAHHHHH!! I had a 3-day long conversation with over e-mail, and they finally asked for my information to my Netzero account. Within 1/2 hour, they approved my offer, and all of my referrals, and now I'm clear to order my DS and my bonus gift! Sig updated.