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27-09-2006 22:57:59 - lots of new offers

[quotea97d3b07c9="OfferCentric at A4F"] is live!

There were a few delays but it's finally out. GiftMonkey is currently in a soft launch so it will be going through some layout and content polishing in the coming weeks. There may also be some tweaks to the products and features. Please email our support with any feedback or suggestions about our product selection, new features, the look of the site or anything else you can think of.

So what makes GiftMonkey different?
Open offer selection[/ba97d3b07c9]
No OODs, good selection of free offers.
You are not required to complete an offer[/ba97d3b07c9]
You don't have to do an offer unless you want to. If you do, you'll need less referrals, it's up to you. You will get points for the first offer you do only but your referral(s) will get points for any additional offers you complete.

[ba97d3b07c9]Point based & referral based[/ba97d3b07c9]
Products cost points and offers earn you points. You still have to get referrals though, you only get credit for the first offer you complete but you'll get full points for any offer your referrals do. So if your referral does an offer worth 2 points, you get 2 points.
Muti-offer referrals[/ba97d3b07c9]
Each of your referrals can do as many offers as they want and you'll get credit for all of them.

[ba97d3b07c9]Get multiple items[/ba97d3b07c9]
You can get multiple items (one at a time).

[ba97d3b07c9]Large product selection[/ba97d3b07c9]
Product selection includes every item from every OC site plus some new items.

[ba97d3b07c9]Reusable referrals[/ba97d3b07c9]
If you are going for another item after getting your first, you can reuse the referrals from your first item. You don't have to get a whole new set of unique referrals.

[ba97d3b07c9]Open referral trading[/ba97d3b07c9]
Not only can you do multiple offers for the person you signed up under, you can do multiple offers for anyone else, even if you didn't sign up under them. The only restriction is that you can't do an offer for one of your referrals.

The usual stuff is the same, no dupe accounts, no doing the same offer multiple times, etc.

Let us know what you think. Enjoy![/quotea97d3b07c9]

let me know if you need a ref link. ;)


29-09-2006 10:32:49

howmuch point is needed for a nano 8g? thanks