iPod: Still the Best?

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09-01-2005 20:29:49

Here's my take on the MP3 players on MP3players4free.com


No and yes. The Apple iPod is the single most popular digital music player in the world. It's chic, it's easy to use, it holds lots of songs, and has a good name. It's good to be the iPod, and it's good to own an iPod.

So do YOU want to own an iPod? It's a tough question, and one we want to help you answer. First, you need to know the iPod basics. There are three models circulating on free websites the iPod mini, the iPod photo, and the iPod 20GB.

The iPod mini is Apple's smallest digital music player, one that thrives with the young market because of its hip design. It holds about 1,000 songs with a battery life of 8 hours using a monochrome display. The iPod mini comes in six colors and costs $250.

The iPod photo is Apple's newest and most expensive digital music player. The flagship of the iPod line, the iPod photo has a color screen, and comes with hard drives of 40 and 60GBs, holding anywhere from 10,000-15,000 songs. The iPod photo displays album art and gets a longer battery life of about 15 hours when playing music. The iPod photo's hallmark feature is its ability to display photos, create slideshows, and show them on televisions. The iPod photo costs $500 (40GB) and $600 (60GB).

The iPod 20GB is Apple's “budget iPod”. It's normal. It's what most people have. The iPod 20GB has a 20GB hard drive and can hold 5,000 songs. Its battery life is about 15 hours as well with a monochrome display. The iPod 20GB costs $300.

All iPods are compatible with ripped music (from CDs), and most formats without DRM (Digital Rights Management). Songs may only be purchased from the iTunes Music Store.

Some other very important features of the iPod line is their expandability. Over 200 accessories exist for iPod's, exponentially dwarfing the competition. But that may not be necessary. Other digital music players include more features that the iPod doesn't have, like FM transmitters, FM receivers, digital voice and line in recording, color screens (compared to the base iPod), and more. All include this for a cheaper price. Let's compare the iPod with some of the other MP3 players featured on free sites.

Iriver H320 iRiver's answer to the iPod. Its features include a 20GB hard drive, a 16 hour battery, and a color display. Comparable to the iPod photo. The iRiver H320 costs Tom's Hardware (tomshardware.com), a reliable tech site, said, “iRiver's H320 MP3 player is at least as good as the iPod or any player Archos offers”

Rio Carbon Rio's answer to the iPod mini. Ipod mini sized (or smaller), and imaginatively styled, the Rio includes more features than the iPod mini. Like most other digital music players, the Rio includes a voice recorder, and a monochrome screen. The Carbon also has a 5GB hard drive, larger than the iPod mini, and about twice the battery life. The Rio Carbon retails for $249.99.PC Magazine said, “The Rio Carbon trumps the iPod mini in storage, features, and battery life; it's equal in sound quality.”

Music Stores Both the iRiver H320 and the Rio Carbon are “Microsoft PlaysForSure” compatible, which means they're compatible with a host of other music stores. The PlaysForSure label gives you more choice in where your music comes from.

It seems as if the iPod is at a loss for words. It has been trumped by two lesser priced and better featured offerings. So how come the iPod still controls the majority of the market? Its name. When you take out a Rio Carbon, nobody says, “Oh wow, the Rio Carbon!” But that happens with the iPod. Want to be noticed? Get the iPod. Don't care? Go for the iRiver H320 (if you want space and video capabilities), or the Rio Carbon (if you want a small form factor). If you're planning on selling, the iPod's still a better value.



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thanks for the info i guess )


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...yeah,i can honestly didn't say i was ready (if not able minded at the moment) to read a copyrighted article , but uh...aslong as it cleared up the age old question

Is the ipod chic or not?

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