Sketchy company strikes again

Live forum:


12-09-2006 12:08:38

Ive had a bunch of OC accounts on most of their sites that I opened in 2004, but kind of gave up on completing. My pvp site had 5 completed referrals, and I did my offer, but I couldnt get anymore so I gave up. Well I checked it recently and noticed that they had a pvp for only 5 offers, so i figured, great, I will just get that. Apparently you cannot go lower of a gift if you have signed up originally for a higher gift. Now I'm sure this is well known to those of you who have been dealing with OC in the past year or so, but to me this is just complete bullshit. I responded back hoping to hear that they will fulfill my gift, but I doubt it. (


12-09-2006 22:33:53

i think this has been answered before, you have to request for them to change it manuually, but like you can only do that once.


13-09-2006 05:34:17

I did request it, they said that I can't. So I responded back. I wasn't exactly nice the second time.


13-09-2006 19:31:14

They can. Steven said so himself in another thread. Maybe the ref you got wasn't informed.