Is there anybody out there?

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06-01-2005 04:54:02

Hello, i am pink, of pink floyd.
Please sign up under me and ill give you some unreleased..uhm...stuff...

Pm me if your interested!


06-01-2005 04:56:11

wow, pink, omg, who wouldn't do that?
thats SO COOL!

...but seriously, can anybody lend some support in this field for me? I'm freaking desperate 18 as of three months ago and all my friends have NO CREDIT CARDS, any advice?

I'm thinking that i may as well just fork out the 3-something for one...i want it so bad, damn it!


06-01-2005 11:05:04

Be patient young grasshopper. I'm 26 and it still took me many months to get all of my referrals. Hit up family and tell your friends to sign up for credit cards, hehe. Uncles, aunts, etc. Just make sure they don't live at the same address. Sell them on the coolness of blockbuster online rentals and how they even get coupons for free in-store rentals. It just takes time and patience.

Or try one of those things where you pay and exchange referrals or something. I tried all that crap but the only ones that really came through were friends.

Good luck!.