$275 PayPal Option

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04-01-2005 18:42:04

For those of you that chose the $275 PayPal option, how long did it take from the time of the order for it to get sent?

Did it get sent through email or was it mailed to your home address?

Can you cash it into your existing PayPal account?

Please lemme know guys thanks.


04-01-2005 22:26:35

around 6 days or less i cant remember that was a month ago so things might be different now

they send the money directly to your paypal account (you tell them when you order the paypal option)


05-01-2005 18:35:46

I was approved on 1/5 and I am waiting on $275 as well, but in check form....let me know when you receive yours and I will do the same