Any paypal lately?

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06-08-2006 11:55:54

I placed a paypal payment order. Anyone know what day OC paypals on nowadays? Should I expect a delay?


06-08-2006 18:48:18

It usually takes a week so if you placed the order today then expect it by the end of next week or so.


06-08-2006 18:50:41

Does anyone go for product with them these days?


06-08-2006 19:34:04

you usually end up spending so much money on the OOD you go for the cash


07-08-2006 08:17:56

I placed the order on the 28th actually and was getting a little worried, but it came today!

500+ yellows later and $1050 richer!

Now that Freepay is crap, OfferCentric is definitely the best site to get unpaid refs on. Looks the most legit to innocent newbies.

I did have to do an OOD 4 OOD trade though...


07-08-2006 08:35:23

[quotebdda4c3b19="johnjimjones"]you usually end up spending so much money on the OOD you go for the cash[/quotebdda4c3b19]

Yeah, I gues that's it. Then again, if you did a site like NB4F for a laptop, and paid out for OODs beyond the 18, you'd be stuck with having make up the difference in cash for a comparable laptop in those tiers. I'm just thinking that if you know you'll go for the cash to begin with, DIY seems a better option.

I wonder when the last time was that they sent out a laptop anyhow?


08-08-2006 22:32:53

Wanna tell me how you got 500+ Yellows legitly? I can easilly use one of my domain names and forward the url to my ref link and post it ALL over the net.. Forums/Amazon/Ebay, But it seems like that can get you DQ'd >.>


08-08-2006 23:51:16



09-08-2006 07:59:43

You are allowed to advertise your link as long as its not posted against the TOS of the site you are posting to...

So for notebooks4free I let Mac enthusiasts know how they could get a free MacBook.

If I was posting my ref link all over the place in Nintendo forums and Computer Help forums, etc, that would be spam and grounds for a DQ.