Expect what from MP3Players4Free or IpodVideo4Free? OODs?

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05-08-2006 14:31:28

I am interested in getting either a 30 or 60GB Video iPod. (yes another one, it's a present for a friend wink)

I would've done Trainn's but as everyone knows, trainn is waaaaay too popular so it is difficult to get refs for that site... so I thought I would try another site.

So I was wondering what the requirements are like for either of these two sites? Has anyone gotten the 60GB one? Anyone run into OODs? I'd really like to know because I would rather avoid having to get people to do OODs if I could.


05-08-2006 15:45:51

I really don't like OC. I sgnued up under someone's ref link and they never got credit. The owner refuses to fix this and says its my fault when I am sure it's not. I will never do a OC site again. They support and crediting is AWFUL. I am only doing trainn sites now.


06-08-2006 00:55:30

Uhm, are you talking about Trainn or OC? lol


06-08-2006 09:51:43

[quote3f880f4d63="Insanekitten"]Uhm, are you talking about Trainn or OC? lol[/quote3f880f4d63]Whoops. I put trainn when I meant OC. All fixed now.

twisted OC
8) Trainn


06-08-2006 11:25:57

I love OC and have got my 30 gb black ipod within two weeks of them...... engraved!!! for free! lol I need 1 more ref to have completed the site twice. but I don't need anymore ipods(I have 6 at home already).

only thing is that mp3players4free has OOD, ipod videos doesn't, but it's 10 refs. wink


06-08-2006 16:03:54

OC has never let me down, and even the OODs I have on my sites aren't that bad. I am close to finishing laptops and plasmas, and I am sure I won't see any Freepay styled bullshit around my orders. Cash or product always arrives quickly with no hoops to jump through.

I wish Steve would post here a little more often, I'd be more then happy to help advertise their sites more then I do now if we had a little more customer contact with them.


08-08-2006 22:10:35

Hmmm iPod video one sounds pretty good... Anyone in need of refs for this?


08-08-2006 22:31:49

You got 6?! wow lol, Send me one D