STV 10/29 Update

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30-12-2004 13:49:38


The Apple iPods are currently backordered until 1/11. They will be the Apple unit. They will ship same or next day.

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Guess we will be waiting a little longer..oh well )


30-12-2004 13:54:30

thats not true, they are not on backorder.


30-12-2004 14:02:31

Well, i doubt they would lie...they must be on backorder from whoever the vendor is.


30-12-2004 14:18:09

that could be true. i went to the apple store and they had an abundance of them. and most places online have them.

DrEaMs In DiGiTaL

30-12-2004 15:57:28

Yeah I got mine yesterday and it was a HP.