Is this a better idea that

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28-12-2004 15:00:27

I really want an ipod and i was interested in doing, but i heard their customer service sucks. So i got turned on to and i was wondering if u think that that is a good idea becuase i have a plan with 11 people and computers and i wrote about it in the Photoipod thread so i just wanted to see your opinion on switching. because i dont want to be put on hold for trying to do this?



28-12-2004 16:08:40

switch to PVPS4free, it's definitely recommended over gratis. If you would like to sign up, I'm happy to give you a link D


29-12-2004 11:00:57

Would u even say that the photo ipod is the best PVP? I have been looking at the others and i wanted their ipod just for music but the others seem really cool? size is the only matter for me?


29-12-2004 11:20:45

the iPod is not a PVP. You won't play videos on it. Even if Apple releases a firmware to play videos (which I seriously doubt), the screen is way too small.

I don't know about the others, but the Archos AV420 is a really neat device, although it is [bdfa02f4d80]much[/bdfa02f4d80] bulkier than the iPod photo.

I agree that if what you want is an iPod photo, you should definitely go for the pvps4free deal. In case you have a problem OfferCentric is much easier to deal with than Gratis.


29-12-2004 16:56:47

do any of your friends need any links too lol, but yeah, i agree, go for the PVP