clicked ref link but no credit?

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10-07-2006 23:21:12

I signed up under a ref link for a trade but support confirms that I didn't signup under anyone! I am 100% sure I went through the right link. What happened?


11-07-2006 00:13:03

Did you click any other links before you signed up?


11-07-2006 01:13:33

The same thing happened to me, the only solution we agreed on was that the kid put a "space bar" after the ref link. They say it really matters. Doesn't matter, it was a free ref anyways


11-07-2006 09:27:25

I didn't click the ToS box the first time...could that have removed the link?


12-07-2006 11:18:20

This is unacceptable.

"We're sorry but we make it very simple to signup under a link and our records indicate you did not do this. We cannot change this information after the fact."

I clicked the link in the trade module. What should I tell them?


12-07-2006 14:16:47

If you did not click the TOS, and it refreshed I am sure it did erase


13-07-2006 08:39:58

Unfortunately that is incorrect. The value is saved into your session and reloaded once you signup.

I am really pissed off now. I clicked the fucking link in the trade module.


17-07-2006 09:18:20

"Unfortunately our records indicate you didnt. We cannot change this information after you have signed up."

Fuck that noise. I am not doing their site.


19-07-2006 18:24:27

Offercentric you guys really suck. This is ridiculous. I used the link in the trade module and you didn't give the guy credit.


24-07-2006 18:19:52

Waiting for you to reply. Feepay sucks less than you!


25-07-2006 20:02:16

You still suck. Waiting on response.