Banged in the arse by Access Media

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22-12-2004 22:17:06

I did Access Media yesterday, got credit today, everything's good, right? Well, not quite. I was browsing another forum and I found out that their "free" trial is anything but. They charge you for the first month, even thought it says "One month free - cancel anytime!"


DrEaMs In DiGiTaL

22-12-2004 23:12:49

Huh? I don't see that offer...


22-12-2004 23:54:30

They took it down after one day. I wonder why. roll


23-12-2004 06:07:38

The terms and conditions clearly state that they will charge you for one month atleast. I guess you did not really read the fine print..I almost jumped on that offer thinking it was like real rhapsody but soon realised that...only movies are free for a month not the membership!


23-12-2004 08:50:48

Unbeknownst to him was the power of the fine print....

....fine print, a worthy adversary

never under estimate the power of fine print......



23-12-2004 09:13:49

Nah, I read that part that said "By clicking submit...," but I assumed it was for the trial membership. Oh well. From doing people's referrals, I've made a good bit of cash, so they took a chunk of that - no big deal! I'll get the PayPal payment, and net $300 - not a bad deal, eh?


23-12-2004 13:47:09

Speaking of which, the AccessMedia offer is back, lol

Better start bending over slowly again.


04-01-2005 14:22:34

Damnit. Too late for me too.

WTF why does Centric even allow this offer to be up when they purposely try to trick you into $30 for nothing?

Now I'm trying to call there toll free number and it's 3 PM EST and the recording says there available only from 6 to 6 PM PST. WTF That means your open assholes.

I've emailed 3 different email addresses I picked up from the AccessMedia site requesting cancellation and I have had NO RESPONSE.

Really sucks ass.


08-01-2005 08:05:51

how much were u charged?


08-01-2005 08:57:29

$29.95 is what it says. I would do something else


09-01-2005 18:17:40

It was $29.95, which stinks, but in the grand scheme of things, isn't that bad. Considering I've bagged over $3,000 in PayPal and prizes, $29.95 is not a big deal.


15-01-2005 22:30:55

Blurrz, how'd you get so much free stuff? Moderator, PLEASE STICKY THIS THREAD. I just got ripped off too, but I'm disputing the transaction with my credit card company and they say there's a 75% chance I'll get my money back. Sticky it so people don't make the same mistake. Thanks!


15-01-2005 22:53:12

JUST EFFIN READ, it says you need to pay for the first month....


15-01-2005 23:04:15

I know, but they make a false claim on the first page, so I'm trying to get the credit card company to debate it. And I think they will. This was the one site I forgot to read the Terms and Conditions on. It was 300 in the morning, and I was referral swapping, so I didn't really care.


15-01-2005 23:28:58

Well, thats your fault, not Access Media's. It clearly states you will be paying for the first says FREE DVD's....not FREE SERVICE.


15-01-2005 23:40:40

Alright alright. I'm trying to rationalize with you but whatever. You're right, it's my fault. But I still feel like I was cheated and I will get my money back.


16-01-2005 18:11:13

Let me know what happens with your dispute. I have profited enough that $29.95 doesn't really bother me, but it would be nice to get back at them in principle.


16-01-2005 22:18:56

Well it's really bothering me. Thanks for the interest. I'll keep you posted. PLEASE GET THIS THREAD STICKIED!