Playing porn on your PVP

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19-12-2004 00:42:30

I was wondering if this was possible to play porno video files on any of the PVPs. If it is let me know which one. I was curious because i'm tired of my parents walking in on me because I don't have a lock on my room, so I need something to bring into the bathroom, where I can have privacy. I know this is the main reason why people get these.


19-12-2004 01:06:28

LOL I'm sure it is(n't) the main reason why people get these but different strokes for different folks (pun intended)...

sorry I don't know which of these can play porn.


19-12-2004 04:56:04

lol, they play mpg's right?


19-12-2004 05:24:40

the archos doesn't play .mpg,url==http://=http:///url you'll need to convert the file before (it comes with a special virtualdub front-end).

About the first post here lol
It just reads like you posted a referral link and the mods edited your message. But no, it looks like you really wrote that. Let me tell you something, the archos is so cool that it might even get you some girls... The you can forget about your lock and forget about your bathroom. lol


19-12-2004 07:42:58

he's'll be the coolest kid in school (except for maybe any other kids with the archos)


27-12-2004 13:11:32

mmmm porn!


27-12-2004 19:30:14

Porn aside,

Does anyone know or have a list of file extensions/codecs supported for each PVP.

I won't lie, I will have some porn on my PVP, but just for entertainment and novelty purposes only lol.



27-12-2004 19:44:48

archos divx, xvid, mp3, period (off course, it also supports uncompressed .aviurl==http://=http:///url and .wavurl==http://=http:///url).


27-12-2004 20:18:14

Any support for .wmv?url==http://=http:///url Most of my videos are in this format, small size, good quality.

Most of my vids and such are in either .mpg,url==http://=http:///url or .wmv.url==http://=http:///url

Also, what about firmware updates for more file extension support, any of that kind of stuff being released?