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18-12-2004 16:10:08

My friend signed up under my referral link, but cleared the cookies on his computer after he completed the blockbuster offer. Will this have any effect on whether or not blockbuster can tell that he completed the offer through the mp3players4free link? It has been about 30 hours since he completed it, and it has still not been given credit. Any answer would be appreciated. Thanks.


18-12-2004 16:52:16

It probably won't effect it at all. Plus, it's not instant credit, I think blockbuster takes up to 10 days?


18-12-2004 19:26:19

Usually between 8 and 11 8)


18-12-2004 21:39:25

when I did it it only took 1 day to credit, so I guess I will just wait a little bit for it. Thanks.