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18-12-2004 10:24:45

I signed up at my apt. at college. My credit card address goes back home. If I get my brother to sign up at home will I get put on hold because both credit card statements show the same address?


18-12-2004 10:29:34

No, but you may not get credit if you do the same offer. I don't know why I'm helping you though...stop whoring the forum for referrals

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23-12-2004 19:17:54

does your billing address matter?
my brother is in college. he did an offer and canceled it. i have a green for him. the billing address for his credit card goes to [be84caffe69]my house[/be84caffe69]

the billing address for my credit card also goes to my house.

we both have different credit cards.

would this pose a problem?

also, does offercentric have access/check billing addresses?