This Site Fast?

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17-12-2004 16:43:45

Is this site faster the Or about the same I dont really know much about this and I want to sign up here so someone let me know?


17-12-2004 17:39:21

yes, it is much faster (Even though Gratis is improving). I tell all my friends to sign up for mp3players4free instead of freeipods...

check your PM =)


17-12-2004 18:34:51

As of now OfferCentric is much faster than Gratis, mainly because of the difference in volume. However, Gratis has been lightening fast over the past week or so.


17-12-2004 20:47:05

check your pms


17-12-2004 21:10:04

stop whoring the forum for referrals please....


17-12-2004 22:12:23

[quote196c8f0236="FreeOffersNow"]stop whoring the forum for referrals please....[/quote196c8f0236]

i agree with that, as i checked messages i saw his freakin message all over the place. if i was looking to start up on another site I'd be doing it for the person that didn't post their shit everywhere they could.

second, am i the only one that finds it hilarious that it says "check your pms" come on pms..... yeah it's late, my mind is barely putting things together...


29-12-2004 14:08:00

how long does it take to get ur order after ur order is placed?


29-12-2004 14:11:37

no whoring allowed!