The Last Referral

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17-12-2004 12:39:34

I finnally got all 5 referrals and I anxiously waited for my account to get approved.....but offercentric had other plans. they said that one of my referrals was invalid. if anyone wants to help me out with the last referral, that would be much appreciated. i can also let you in on some secrets to getting referrals (i got 3 in one day). so just PM me if youre interested in signing up under my link.


17-12-2004 13:29:36

if you have secrets, then why do you need someone to sign up? Use your secret.


17-12-2004 14:25:31

no kidding


17-12-2004 14:52:11

i DID use my secret, and it got me 5 referrals. but, i just cant use it again.


21-12-2004 14:14:13

nobody is interested in this?


21-12-2004 17:48:59

since most of you are already signed up at you can also sign up for my prizecube account to get my secret. just PM me for more info...


05-01-2005 13:43:31

i still need someone to be my last referral because one did not go through. ill tell you how i got the first 4 of mine in a 1 week period if you sign up under me.


05-01-2005 14:36:22

im me on 'jpac' via aim


05-01-2005 23:17:14

I'll get you your last referral for $20 PayPal.


06-01-2005 04:50:06

I'm feeling like a good Samaritan me...ill help.


11-01-2005 13:38:01

i PMed you but you didnt respond! anyone else interested in my offer?


11-01-2005 13:39:47

im interested in your secret but ive already done the offer so i cannot sign up under you, i only need one more too


12-01-2005 00:24:09

[quote59eee14aa6="BlazeMan55"]i PMed you but you didnt respond! anyone else interested in my offer?[/quote59eee14aa6]

I said I will get your last one for $20. Did you PM me?


14-01-2005 14:33:43

I bet the sercet is telling people to say there is sercet for referrals.


05-02-2005 10:32:02

no, there is a secret to how i got my first referalls in just 2 days. but, im still looking for the last referral! somebody help me out and ill let you know my secret!