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DrEaMs In DiGiTaL

16-12-2004 23:26:02

Hey everyone, I just got approved! I placed my order, but I want to know if this screen looks right. After I entered my shipping information and clicked submit, I got an error page and said the system admin was notified or something like that. I pressed return to previous page and tried to submit again, same problem. I closed the window, logged back in and it said my order was placed. I went to the status page, and this is what I see... is it supposed to look like this, or is it supposed to show something there? ?


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DrEaMs In DiGiTaL

16-12-2004 23:37:09

Okay, so I just sent them a message to see if everything went okay.


17-12-2004 05:24:16

Hmm, mine just did this too this morning. I sent a message also.


17-12-2004 07:17:04

w0rf eh? creator of w0rf...the counter-strike hook? interesting.


17-12-2004 09:52:31

Heh, yeah..that's me. wCheat )

Hmm, i just noticed the site is wanting me to order the gift again, hopefully it is fixed, i will try in a sec. I am at school.

DrEaMs In DiGiTaL

17-12-2004 09:56:54

Cheating is a no no... x

Anyways, I've logged back in, and yeah, it went back to saying I've just been approved. Placed my order for the 20 GB iPod! D So when can I expect this shipped? STV is usually on Wednesdays, I heard?


17-12-2004 10:05:26

Hehe, legit gets boring, plus coding cheats helps my C++ skills. But let's stay on topic )

I just ordered mine also, when do they usually come? I hear 10 business days or so for most. I'm not in a hurry )

DrEaMs In DiGiTaL

17-12-2004 19:24:54

So how long does it take to go from Order Placed to the next stage? Is it Order Placed --> Processed --> Sent to Vendor --> Shipped?


18-12-2004 02:50:20

counter stike cheating (-) karma for you


18-12-2004 06:55:25

Oh noes! My life revolves around my karma! [/sarcasm]