Is this fair?

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16-12-2004 10:45:53

I recently had pvps4free void out 3 of my referrals. Two of which I can kind of accept because I made the mistake of letting family members sign up while they were visiting me over a weekend. I still think it's kind of bogus since they used their own addresses and everything, they just happened to use my internet connection. The third one however was done by my mother while I was visiting her house for thanksgiving. The only possible reason I can think of is that it was done because she used my computer. She doesn't have a computer at her house so I bring mine with me when I go home and use her neighbors wifi connection. Now unless there is some super fine print somewhere I don't see how that is at all breaking the rules. True she used my computer to sign up, but I was over two hours away from my home, so in no way was it the same household. I wouldn't complain except it's not exactly easy to get referrals and for me to lose three in one sitting is a bit much I think.